About MaryBeth

MaryBeth Scalice, MA, Ed.D. is a counselor, writer, and teacher trained in humanistic, holistic and behavioral psychology. As a lifetime student of religious and transcendent experience, her work integrates psychology with spirituality. She offers transformational heart-centered therapies for health, happiness and self-realization. MaryBeth has facilitated heart opening retreats, workshops and consultations to individuals, couples and groups for 20 years. She established the Foundation of Open Hearts in 1999, and the Camp for Miracles in 2005 and continues to offer spiritual gatherings each week. MaryBeth has a Masters Degree in Humanistic Psychology from West Georgia University, and a Doctorate in Humanistic and Behavioral Studies from Boston University. Along with her private practice, she currently co-creates curriculum for the Massachusetts Professional School of Psychology through the Spirituality Initiative.

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