About Spiritual Psychotherapy

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The Goal of Spiritual Psychotherapy is Peace of Mind

Goodness, abundance, and health arise from the mind at peace. Mental health is serene and synonymous with certainty.  Lack of peace manifests chaos and poverty.It is an effect of identification with a false persona, sometimes called the ego. Ego is a collection of core beliefs that emphasize separation from Source, Self and others. This identification feels like a split in mind.  Part of me appears good, and worthy, but part of me seems unacceptable, and inadequate.  We go to great lengths to defend against the thoughts and feelings that accompany the split mind, developing addictions, illness, compulsivity, denial, and elaborate false personalities to protect us.  Under the fearful leadership of the ego our own defense systems become pendulous, sapping our energy and freedom to create. Sometimes these defenses become weapon-like, attacking not only loved ones, but what it was made to protect, our true self.

The mind at peace is a whole or holy mind in communion with Source, self and others. It is the thought system of Oneness. Spiritual psychotherapy offers a process for healing the split, and recovering the mind of unity, the true, spiritual self. The effects are happier, healthier relationships in the world and joy  in one self.  Meaning, purpose, and trust are the healthy essences of this recovery. Healing and love are the same.

Psychotherapy is Sacred Relationship

Spiritual psychotherapy is a sacred endeavor because it recognizes a Higher Power, spiritual Self or holiness within therapist and client. This holiness is rooted in an Original and unchangeable innocence in all creation. From the vision of holiness, life is understood as a path of learning that returns us from worldly fears to love, from the separated self, toward joining (wholeness). In sacred relationship we are mindful of spiritual solutions as client and therapist commit to a common and holy goal and turn inward for guidance. MaryBeth provides a safe, confidential environment for healing limiting beliefs, and rewriting fearful scripts. Together we explore stories, thought systems, dreams and inspirations learning to decide for truth and happiness. Client and therapist are co-physicians in healing and co-creators in transformation.

Open Heart Counseling

The heart is the home of true Self, the spontaneous, free and sacred Self.   This Self is in communion with the laws of Truth (the thoughts of God) and is itself true (a thought of God). To be opened is to tap into the wisdom, compassion and prosperity of the indwelling Self, the heart’s truth, whose spiritual nature is pure love. This love heals. This love is power. This indwelling love is our real identity, creativity, and universal unifying principle. The meaning and purpose of our lives is hidden within its presence. In fact, life is the manifestation and expression of its reality.  Through deepening awareness of this inner Self and genuine communication with others, we come closer to the actualization and fulfillment of love’s presence in daily life. We come closer to our Spirit-U-ality…that is the reality of you as Spirit in the world. MaryBeth is dedicated to openhearted counseling as a wayfarer and guide in the search for true Self, and the becoming of love incarnate in the world.


The demise of our humanity is a weak and distilled notion of what we are.  We have exchanged the certainty and peace of our reality for the misperceptions and judgments of the world. Our failed relationships and desire to “be somebody” have resulted in profound global woundedness and personal heart scarring.  These scars were intended to protect us against the pain of further attack, but have become themselves a burden.  They harden the heart and separate us from our true nature.

MaryBeth offers a heart opening metaphysics for freedom from depression, trauma, anger, addictions, codependency, compulsivity, religious repression, divorce and illness. It is a movement away from the power of woundedness and wounding. Her work restores intimacy, gentleness, kindness, and true empathy through forgiveness and focus.  Forgiveness disempowers pain-producing mindscapes of past learning, undoing our misperceptions of self and others. It is freedom from judgment. Focus teaches a way of seeing pure meaning and pure content within the present moment. It is an inner Vision that leads toward joining and wholeness. Forgiveness and focus become a discipline of mind through spiritual practice and inner guidance.

A Psychology of Glowing

A psychology of glowing emphasizes an experience of light or awakening. It invites understanding through inner exploration that results in becoming ‘more of my self in the world.”  We are like light, able to extend the gifts of our life and shine through the illusions of the mind of fear.  Glowing Psychology encourages communion with Spirit, or God through gnosis, experience and revelation. MaryBeth uses the tools of imagination, vision, creativity, meditation, art, music, healing touch, lucid dreams, prayer, clairsentience, mystical ritual, guided imagery, and transpersonal therapies. Her work is grounded in the metaphysical principles of A Course in Miracles, and the shared mystical root of the major religions, which proclaim we are created from an original Cosmic Source as one in the likeness of Its perfection.