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The Love of Your Life: The Jesse and Lily Intimacies V.1

Book Cover: The Love of Your Life

The Love of Your Life

Introducing The Jesse and Lily Intimacies

The time has come to talk about it, the words already given like a gospel, or a song of songs. You see, I was possessed.  I could not stay in bed. Hours before the sun fluttered its robes to rouse the world, I had thrown back the covers and crawled into the chair. The chair is where it was written. The chair is my sacred place, a place for meditation and contemplation, the place where the love of my life appeared and the wounds of a thousand relationships healed. It wasn’t as if I actually saw a face, or heard a Voice, it was more like thinking His Thoughts and feeling Presence. It was an experience of profound honesty. There were Others with Him. I could identify Them, and yet, they held together in mind like an ineffable, indivisible Wisdom.

He wooed me. My longing was full to bursting then. All of the relationships of my life felt like losses. Men had come through like migrating birds, happy for a season, but soon gone, leaving me barren, shredded by their hungers and lack of commitment.  I cried and cried. I declared my desire for relationship with God; if You are real, give me something palpable, knowable! A seeming shell that held my devaluing beliefs in tact, cracked.  The yoke of resentment seeped out.  Who can say exactly when the sublimely sensitive Self awoke? My emptiness grew cavernous in excretion of the contents of “me”.

An invitation appeared:

You are cordially invited to the royal union:

The Prince of the Utmost High, Jesse

With the

Daughter of Humanity, Lily.

Time: Now

Place: Here

Directions: Know nothing

Submit your heart.

The Jesse and Lily Intimacies is the recording of such submission, and the deepest desire to know Love. You may be as surprised as I to understand it was not really my own desire I felt. It was His and Hers and Theirs through me. Here is the revelation that submission brings: Cause Desires, and we are the effect. We are wholeheartedly Desired. Who would believe it? Who would receive it? Who is willing to accept the full monty of union with God?

Volume I, The Love of Your Life, is my personal story of broken intimacies and a walk with an impersonal Lover into the Heart of the Creator. Threads of ego drama become the cross-stitches that tie my life together in a seamless and perfect journey of healing.  The Intimacies are startling. They present a parable, a tale of the spirit of Him Who dances, kisses and bestows blessings that arouse the senses.   Hidden beneath is the multi-layered metaphysics of mystics, A Course In Miracles, Gnosticism, Sufism, and the concupiscent Voice of the Feminine Christ, the heart of the Magdalene.

This work is not for sissies. It is the healing of the fear of God and the joy of my life to share it. Deepest appreciation to you who read it.