Journal Excerpt 1.28.11

…if individuals will not consider in their consciousness the possibilities of that which God’s life will do unto them, how can they receive the outbreathing of his ineffable love? Serapis Bey

Consider the possibility of that which God’s Life will do unto you.

You must consider this in the depths of your heart in order to receive his Breath (Ruah) as your own…in order to ascend in consciousness toward the God-Design that is your soul within your humanity.Do not be fooled by the word Ascend. We are not literally going up. We are going within to the vibration of higher purity. We are lifting up our consciousness into His Joy, His Lightness of Being.

Consider the possibility of all that will be done through you as you rise into His Holy Power (the power of At-one-ment.)

Consider the possibility that like the great I Am, you shall not struggle, but burn, leaping like a flame where the world’s oily habits are burned away.

Roused from sound sleep at 4 am the next morning…writing in my bed.
I had been floundering with the consequences of banal habits. How many times had I tried to let go of a death ritual, a choice that evidenced the density and waywardness of my thinking?  How many times I wondered, would I “do what I did not want to do.” This contemplation wasn’t a chastisement of my dull habits but a desire to be liberated.
What would my life be like if I could slip out of the skin that crawled with cravings; that was tempted by false comforts, or idol companionship, or worse, by thoughts that obliterated my senses? I had a heightened awareness that wanted to rise beyond the gravitational pull of flesh and blood, corrupted by a blindsightedness that wanted to leap into heaven without healing my flaws.
I saw some of my trivial habits, the overindulgence in foods, the temptation to stay up later than health and happiness merited, cruising the news or lately, the weather for drama and spice. What if I were not drawn to email again and again in search of the beef? There is no meat there, no reality. I saw the temptation to please others, to receive appreciation, and to feel an immoral superiority of my character. I saw the tendencies to hide from my Self.
Prompted by a reading of Serapis Bay, a star descended through the winter of my soul. It felt as if the very tree of life within me (all of the nervous system) had its roots in frozen soil, and the ego was trying to plump the withering fruit from the outside. I could see that I was malnourished by these choices and the habits I had devised to cope with the drama of a small life. Serapis gave me the Eye. I swirled in the experience of His Possibilities.
My heart had no trouble enveloping the words, bringing them into the sanctuary where I convened with Jeshua. I asked for the expansion of their meaning. The “contemplation” grew within me so that I could See with a singular Vision the consequence of the “God-Life” as the Real Life and the freedom and power it would bring.
The limits of my own density were surpassed in a consciousness that knows only loving extension without need of coping or fixing’… whose Being within necessitates purity and universal awareness of Itself in all living things. In God-Life distraction is impossible. Guilt and deadlines disappear. And the body becomes a holy temple wherein They come as Source and Self.
I considered it so deeply in the light of day, that tonight I am awakened by my heart’s guidance to share it,  to record it, lest the amnesia and dull ache of the heavy life returns and I find my humanity once again forefront, and bereaved of His walk through the Eden that I Am.
I have come Awake to tell you!
And to hear my own questions, Could I wake in my daily life from the rituals of human weakness that keep me in a sleep of dross and blindness? I ask how to maintain a discipline, feeling all of the freedom that breaks unto my soul if I rise from ego conditioning. The phrase from the apostle Paul reverberates …I do what I don’t want, and do not what I do want.
My lower nature is exposed, not to embarrass or condemn, but to heal. Today I will contemplate with my whole heart the natural longing of my soul to know this God-Life within me, the Life of the Son of God.
The Voice said, pay attention to the desire for freedom. Listen with the ears of the child of God for the Father’s hand upon the door. Look across and beyond the landscape of your fearful world, for His nature, for the Way He appears as God Design. See past the bars of your prison to the field where you must go. Feel with abandon, His Call, His Wisdom, His Desire for you and remember with your Soul’s perfect memory, Truth offers It to you forever. You need only to wake, and claim your right-mindedness. Cherish His Love and sincerely submit so that the temple of your body-mind be purified. The oil burns away. The dross burns away if you become a disciple of this Thought. This Thought is the flame that ignites the dead wood of ritualistic lies and makes a day spring flow in the midst of tundra.
I did not wish to wake to write this, but I so, so!  want to contemplate and give my faith to the possibility. It seems to me it is the reason I have come to the planet. It seems to be the purpose of my life. It is the gift of an ascended Master who offers me the Idea of Ascension. How can I sleep when the preciousness of it cracks ice on the pond of doubt and makes me weep? I have deprived my Self …deprived of the God-life within by my own choice. Is this stirring not the shoot of the tree of Jesse rising out of the darkness to give me hope?
May I follow this light, and let the Source, the Root of the tree of freedom succor the tender leaves that bud this morning in evidence that He hath Come in the night to rescue me.
May I become God Life, the wakened Christ.