Mary and the Immaculate Conception

Dear Gentlepeople,

This is the time of year when I long to gather with the those who have been essential to my journey of healing and freedom. This is the time when I celebrate the immaculate idea, the Word received by Mary, and honor my own desire to birth the true Self, the Christ and beloved of God.  Mary embodies God’s Answer to the separation of humanity and Christ, and her feast day, reminds us that we are all pregnant with Spiritual Idea this season. We are laboring to birth our own innocence, our own True Self.

December 8th is the day set aside and called Immaculate Conception. I love this symbol of sinlessness. I lam deeply grateful for the gifts given to the world by this Christ, feminine and Divine Mother.

No devotion is required to or by Mary, but we can see where she has placed her devotion ( At-One-ment) and come to learn for our selves about our own pure desires. We can see Her life in our life when we understand that Christ is an Identity we share. Immaculate is the inherent holiness of all children of God. Mary’s virginity transcended the purity of the body. She was virgin in Mind, in her thoughts, in her acceptance, wisdom, forgiveness and Desire for the healing of the world and heaven on earth.  Mary said yes to angels, yes to God, yes to Jesus, yes to her Spirit and yes to you and me.

The Immaculate Conception is the pure idea, the true idea given birth in humanity.  This Original Idea is the Christ, the beloved Thought that God extended and is expressly seen and manifested  in Jesus, and also in the the one whose womb was host to the Father’s Inspiration. This Original Idea flows forth from Original Purity. And yes, we share that immaculate nativity. We too are co-creators with God, and the birth of the Christ is happening now in our hearts where our pure Desire calls out to become host to Him/Her..  where our longing brings us to Divine Union.

May all your conceptions be immaculate as Mary’s.  Here’s a lovely song in remembrance of you, Divine Mother.